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As we unfortunately get older through general wear and tear and lifestyle conditions, stiffness and inflexibility creep into our joints and muscles.  Some of us develop arthritic conditions or other ailments, whatever your ailment or if you do not have an ailment think of general, moderate exercise and stretching as “preventative medicine”.

With lack of exercise our muscles become atrophic (waste away and become weak).  Moderate exercise and stretching could improve or help you maintain muscle strength and integrity; keep a good range of movement in joints and achieve a better quality of life by preventing possible pain syndromes and balance disorders.  There is an added bonus too as endorphins are released into our bodies making us feel good!

A suggestion, please think of your body as a temple:

ó      feed it good nourishing food;

ó      keep hydrated by sipping good quality water regularly;

ó      incorporate regular, moderate exercise into your lifestyle; and,

ó      look at attending a local Yoga class, exercise or walking group so you also meet like minded people.

However, I know we know the old saying “no pain no gain” remember overstretching or tearing a muscle or tendon is not good practice.  In Yoga we practice “Ahimsa, which means non violence, or harmlessness” this means in relation to others but also towards ourselves.  Work in your “comfort zone and maybe slightly past, but no more”.  You know you body better than anyone so please listen to its messages.

I hope you have enjoyed this article.  Best wishes. Gail

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