About Gail Marlow

I am a Qualified Bowen Therapist and qualified Yoga Teacher (Hatha & Dru Yoga) located in the Melville area. In 2002, I started my Bowen journey with “Fascial Kinetics” a form of Bowen Therapy and joined The Bowen Therapists Association of Western Australia “BTAWA”, the local chapter of The Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia “BTFA” http://www.bowen.asn.auProgression was then made through Associate and Practitioner levels to Therapist in February 2009. As a member of the Association we are required to participate in ongoing continuing education and to hold a current Seniors First Aid Certificate.  Due to these requirements modules have been taken in other forms of Bowen ie “NST” Neurostructural Technique a Kinesiology based technique, Smart Bowen’s lympathetic drainage module and recently, Nerve Dynamics, Hormone Dynamics and now (2014) I am studying Emmett (Emm-Tech).  What I love about Bowen is that it can be carried out on everyone no matter what age, from babies to the aged.  Bowen is one of my passions!

In 2005, I qualified as a Yoga Teacher through FinY (Friends in Yoga Inc).  Yoga is my other passion.  Quite often my clients receive some Yoga homework to assist in their rehabilitation, Bowen and Yoga marry well together. The style of Yoga taught is predominantly Hatha and DRU however often a compilation of styles from different schools are drawn upon and practiced.   My training was undertaken in 2005 with FinY (Friends in Yoga).  In 2013 however I undertook a Diploma in DRU Yoga the 4th largest school in the world and qualified in late 2015.  I teach Beginners/General and Senior classes.

Hatha Yoga develops and stimulates Prana (life-force/energy) in the physical and subtle bodies, using practices for both physical and mental control which stimulates the bodies organ functions.  Those who seek health and fitness quite often practice Hatha Yoga however there are many different styles of Yoga.  In a typical Yoga class the student would be instructed through warm up and limbering, asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and relaxation (via Yoga Nidra or some other guided technique) for approximately 90 minutes.

Like to join me?  See the Yoga timetable tab for further information.

Please contact me if you would like to book in for a Bowen treatment or to enquire about a Yoga or Meditation classes.  If you mention my website on booking you will receive a 10% discount.