Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Busy Lifestyle

In times of stress when the fight and flight mechanism or the sympathetic nervous system takes over, the body is taxed, adrenaline is secreted from the adrenal glands to enable you to handle the crisis.  Prolonged periods of stress or use of the sympathetic nervous system cannot be maintained and the body’s immune system eventually weakens.  Bowen helps to relax the body and encourages the parasympathetic nervous system our normal operating system to return us back to balance or homeostasis.  Of course unless the cause of stress is removed we need to manage its impact, Bowen can be used to combat this busy lifestyle.


Injuries old and new

Bowen can also help people with many conditions, some of which I have listed below.  The benefits are often felt quite rapidly felt by remission from pain, greater mobility, increased energy, improvement to both the physical body and the emotional body, it boosts the immune system, assists in lymph drainage, detoxifies the body and returns the body to homeostasis (balance).  This list below is in no way complete, only a few of the many problems people face where Bowen can assist have been listed (ailments have been listed in alphabetical order):

Acute and chronic pain with musculoskeletal or neurological origins;

Back Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Leg, Knee or Foot Pain
Sporting and other trauma injuries
and many many more.  Review my clients testimonials!