About Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a remedial, holistic complimentary therapy which became Government Accredited around 2005. Bowen technique/moves are carried in a particular way over acupressure and trigger points, it is not intrusive, gentle, subtle, facilitates the bodies own healing mechanism and is relaxing.  Many clients feel so relaxed they almost fall asleep during the treatment and sometimes comment how they feel a load has been lifted off their shoulders, as a lightness is experienced. Relief is quite often experienced by many people who have had conditions that other modalities have not been able to address.  Bowen treats the whole body.

What is so important about Water?

One of the keys to Bowen is hydration of the bodies fascia ie skin, muscles and tendons.  The client is requested to drink water pre and post treatment. The reasoning, Bowen moves release tension; rehydrate dehydrated fascia in the process; and flush out into the blood and lymphatic systems toxins housed in the fascia.   The side affects of not drinking enough water can be a headache or feeling rather lethargic and tired.

Being composed of 70% water, in summer we perspire more and if we work outside; or exercise, we tend to dehydrate quickly on hot days.  Some water is obtained from out diet ie fruit & vegetables but we cannot rely on this alone, it is recommended to sip pure, clean water.  Water is essential to our very existence, it is required for optimum brain function, blood, lymph, circulatory system and our elimination system.  If we don’t drink enough we feel thirsty (the first sign of dehydration), our energy is sapped and our diet is disturbed and it can lead to overeating.  We can survive without food for a while but not without water.  Try to remember to increase your water intake if it is low and sip rather than gulp next time you partake any water.

How does Bowen work?

The body consists of many different layers of fascia, fascia is skin, muscles and tendons consisting of connective tissue, some deep and some superficial.  Remember all nerves, arteries, veins and lymph are also housed within the fascia. Without fascia your skeletal body, organs and many systems of the body would not be held in place so when an area of fascia is compromised, the skeletal body, circulatory system or organs around the area are compromised.   Bowen moves are cross fibre moves, over trigger and acupressure points that penetrate many different layers of our body, releasing tension, freeing up the fascia enabling the body to start healing itself.  It stimulates receptors to enable the body to correct dysfunctions and restore homeostasis (balance) on a holistic level.  Bowen treats the cause rather than the symptom and has achieved outcomes that can have a lasting effect in many cases.