Hatha Yoga

Are you seeking health and fitness and located in the City of Melville & Fremantle area?

The therapeutic value of Hatha Yoga cannot be overestimated. Remember each one of us is different and Yoga is non-competitive.  Students come to Yoga for a variety of reasons and find that their physical well-being is enhanced. Many beginner students feel they are not ‘flexible’ enough to do Yoga but you come to Yoga to become flexible – not the other way round! If you feel discomfort or pain, you are probably pushing yourself beyond the point where your body is ready to go. Flexibility and strength are achieved through regular practice and Yoga can help you manage a condition/ailment.

During each eight week term I will guide you through many postures, advise you of the benefits and where appropriate provide modifications.  Some Asanas you may find difficult at first but working gently, within your own physical limitations, you will soon notice a difference.

As we progress Asanas become more complex but are still based in the structure of the early classes; for example, you will have learned Trikonasana (triangle) in Beginners class. General students will learn variations and extensions to the asana.  In time you will become more confident, be able to hold asanas longer and will be able to step into and out of each asana safely. Nevertheless, your teacher will keep a watchful eye on your progress and adjust you if necessary. Modifications can always be made or an asana substituted if you are having difficulty with a particular asana due to an injury or ailment.

Wednesday, 6.30 pm is generally a General class however Beginners and casuals are welcome – A registration form is required to be completed prior to commencement by all students to assist me in evaluating modifications or alternative asanas that may be necessary for your practice.  Please consult your medical practitioner if you have any doubts about yoga and your health.

Some equipment is available free of charge for use in the class ie: Yoga mats, straps and blocks.

For locations please see the timetable for more information.

Do you have a need for a Yoga Teacher? 

Please contact me, a class can be tailored to suit the environment and the needs of students.  I can also create a personalised practice for your needs if you have a specific issue or just want to build strength, stretch and feel good.

The labourer to the blue collared office worker, seniors, footballers, children, gyms or your group of friends will reap the rewards of being relaxed, more centred, stretched and stronger.    Its great for team building too.

Call 0400 215 961.