History of Bowen Therapy

Where it was developed and the founder

Bowen Therapy was developed by “Tom Bowen” who lived in Geelong, Victoria from 1916 to 1982.  Bowen is now taught and used by many Practitioner and Therapists now worldwide.  Bowen seems to link with Chinese Traditional Medicine however the concepts are unknown.  Tom spent many hours working as a masseur with young Geelong football players, he was gifted and recognise that fascia was the common cause of many musculoskeletal and neurological health issues.

Through many years of clinical work, research and studying many other modalities Tom developed Bowen Therapy.  In Tom’s later years he passed on his knowledge by training four students who in due course developed their own particular style of Bowen Therapy.  That is why Bowen is now known by other names and why there are different schools of Bowen.


Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund

In 2004, the BTFA with Tom’s families blessing established the “Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund”.  Tom treated many children with disabilities in his lifetime without charge.  This trust was established to continue to help disabled disadvantaged children by purchasing electronic communication or mobility equipment (wheelchairs) for these families.  100% of all funds donated and collected by Bowen Practitioners/Therapists are used to purchase this equipment.