Perth Meditation

Meditation was once only practiced in Eastern Cultures however today it is widely used throughout the Western world.  Did you know there is a connection between the mind and body?  Remember the old saying “be careful what you think”, we can talk ourselves into an illness. For example, if we repeated tell ourselves we are no good or worse, we can start believing ourselves and become depressed.  Allowing someone to abuse us mentally can also have an effect.  Stress is another factor to consider.

Some benefits of regular meditation practice are:

  1. to help combat a stressful lifestyle;
  2. reduce blood pressure;
  3. assist those suffering from depression or anxiety;
  4. aid sleep;
  5. be more centred and focussed;
  6. connect at a deeper level to learn more about ourselves; and,
  7. to simply nuture our body with rest.

There are many different forms of meditation and I would recommend you try as many as possible to find a range that suits you.  Its not always best to practice the same type of meditation so being a bit more flexible is best.  Here are some varieties:

  1. Breathe;
  2. Body Scan;
  3. Random sounds;
  4. Mantra, Sankalpa or Affirmations;
  5. Listening to Music;
  6. Listening to a Guided Meditation;
  7. Walking Meditation;
  8. Mindfulness;
  9. Yoga Nidra; and
  10. Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Then there are the different styles ie Zen, Buddhist, Theravada, Mahayana, TM and more.

We generally fit so much into our lifestyles, we allow little time to relax, refocus, balance and get in tune with our bodies.  Did you know your mind has thousands of messages passing through it and a number at a given moment, sometimes we have so many problems we do not know what to focus on first, we are scattered and nothing seems to get done properly.  Meditation allows you to prioritise, focus on one object at a time, some people are adept in meditation and find it easy, some find it harder.  Remember when you first rode a bicycle?  It was hard but with lots of practice you were able to ride that bicycle and every time you pick one up you remember those skills as they are always with you.  Meditation is the same it is a skill you can carry with you throughout your life to achieve balance, allow you to focus and cope with whatever is thrown at you.

This meditation course runs continuously on a Thursday evening, 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm, please contact me for further details.