Bowen Therapy Testimonials and Feedback

Since seeing Gail I have had great results. I suffer from alot of headaches and lower back pain from a traffic accident many years ago. I now have no pain or nerve pinches in my lower back and headaches are very minimal. I have found Gail to be very professional and she has made me feel amazing. Thanks Gail. (E Walsh, Bibra Lake – July 2017)

Very happy with the treatments I received. (J Nolan, Booragoon WA – July 2017)

Gail offers a relaxing, inviting environment, with a personal approach to your treatment. J Wilcox (Samson WA, Oct 2016).

The treatment I received from you made a great difference almost immediately.  In only a few sessions my pain was relieved greatly, thank you so very much!!!! M Cocciolone (Coogee, WA, August 2016).

I believe Gail to be a dedicated and capable Bowen Practitioner.  She is also a warm and responsive person, carefully listening to the needs of her clients.  I have benefited from her insightful Bowen Therapy treatments, and will continue to attend her practice when necessary, and recommend her to others. P Dixon (Coolbellup, WA, August 2016).

I had lower back pain for a number of years and saw many health professionals with no success.  After seeing Gail I had less pain and have been able to maintain being painfree.  I would highly recommend Gail! R Di Fillippo (Bibra Lake, July 2016)

Referred to Gail by a friend for treatment of acute pain in lower back (strain/sprain) I found Gail to be thorough, considerate and professional.  I think her service is effective and offers good value for money (compared to Physios and Chiros). K Crofts (Melville, June 2016)

I found Gail to be very well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of Bowen/Massage Therapy, and she utilized her skills well.  I would recommend her without a doubt.  R Smith (Kewdale, Mar 2016)

Very happy with the treatment and will continue as needed.  Thankyou!  Gail has been very caring and helpful with my issues. E Fiorentino (Hamilton Hill, Mar 2016)

I really enjoyed my treatments. If found Gail so calming and thorough. I also found her a wealth of knowledge! I look forward to my treatments so much. After treatment though I feel pretty yuk! So I hope as time goes on and after I have drank more water before and after I will feel better and revived instead. K Agostini, Hammond Park (2 Nov 15)

My first impression was your professionalism and your knowledge. Was free of shoulder pain in 3 visits – great work. S Thurstun, Melville (Nov 15)

Thank you Gail, you have helped me so much, pain free at the moment. Still running around and busy. M Princiotto, Vic Park (Nov 15)

I found Gail very professional and easy going. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment and thought Gail responded to my areas of concerns. I am convinced that the therapy helped relieve tension in my back, which was my presenting issue and that treatment alleviated areas of tension that had not been really obvious to me (especially my neck). J Lorrimar, Winthrop (Nov 15)

Bowen Therapy provided light at the end of a very long tunnel. The treatment was not only gentle and painfree but Gail’s manner and expertise was very refreshing. She no only has addressed the underlying issue in three sessions (after 18 months of physio, clinical pilates and more) she listens to you, which I feel no one has really done with previous treatments. A Maguire, Willagee (Nov 15)

I found these treatments very calming and deeply relaxing; exactly what I needed. B Freeman, Hilton (Oct 15)

Gail provided a relaxing atmosphere and a gentle, professional manner. Her room is well set up and close to my home. After two sessions I felt the condition had improved, I would happily recommend Gail to friends. L Hurley, Myaree (4 Oct 15)

I was very pleased with the results of the treatments I received and will be back once I have fully recovered from my knee operation. M Ward, South Lake (Oct 15)

4 sessions from memory and you fixed a problem I had battled with for 13 years.  I had been told it was Sciatica you didn’t feel it was.  You suspected glutes and the other big one in the leg (?).  Working on my overall body, you got me pain free and then made the simplest of statements about stretching each day.  I now have a stretch routine that I do in the shower every day and after any form of exercise including at the end of my work day, as I do a physical job I have zero pain and have no need to see you again.  So my only constructive criticism for you is that you are too good and so doing yourself out of business?  Thank you Gail, I never ever thought that I would be totally pan free again. Every other person I saw fixed the problem temporarily (ie put a band aid on it).  You just fixed the problem.  I rave about you at any opportunity! Jan Florey, Hamilton Hill (October 2015)

Gail, your treatment regimen was for me both gentle and holistic. You were able to treat my symptoms and ease my pain in a very short period. I have recommended your service and would gladly do so to anyone who is experiencing lingering pain and discomfort. G Lewis, Maddington (June 15)


I went to see Gail on a recommendation from a relative, with Bursitis in my shoulder and achilles tendonopathy. Gail recommended 3 treatments, I ended up with 4. Immediately after the first treatment both areas felt looser. After the 4th my bursitis was practically gone. After a couple of months of no treatment my shoulder is starting to get a little sore so I shall be going back soon. The specialists recommended steriod injections to decrease the inflammation in my shoulder I was much happier to with the Bowen Therapy treatment. J Sherrell, Hamilton Hill (June 15)

Treatment was effective, and I was clearly advised that it may require several treatments, which was warranted.  It worked! I was given clear advice about post-treatment eg drink lots of water etc.  Very competent and professional practitioner, I have recommended to others.  Can’t think of any constructive feedback, I was very happy with treatment, receipts were prepared and I was advised I could claim on private health insurance, which some other practitioners neglect to do.  E Barr (Hamilton Hill, April 2015)

I was very satisfied by level of service received and had full confidence in Gail’s understanding and abilities. Will be back! P Owers, Mount Helena (March 15)

Treatment helped tremendously! Thanks again. K Carmichael, North Lake (March 15)

I’m most grateful to have discovered that the Bowen Therapy Treatment is best suited to my needs.  Many years of searching for some gentle treatment for Fibromyalgia, I’ve found that Bowen is just what I need.  Gail is a kind, considerate and a knowledgeable therapist who is so helpful and understands my condition.  Thank you Gail.  N Korner, Bateman (4 Feb 15)

Gail is an understanding and friendly person, always providing necessary information and advice.  No other physical therapist has provided me with such beneficial and effective results for muscle healing.  A Bahbah, Atwell (Jan ’15)

Gail’s work is a saviour for me with hypermobility syndrome and TMJ, Bowen treatments have been the only way I can manage it.  Gail is always kind, flexible and caring, on top of being an amazing Bowen practitioner.  I’ve also been to her meditation classes, which are so calming and tailored to how the class is feeling on the day.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. V Bretts, Winthrop (Nov 14)

I was warmly welcomed into Gail’s home and immediately felt comfortable and at ease.  I have had different Bowen Therapists in the past and enjoyed Gail’s approach.  I find Gail’s treatments relaxing and beneficial in reducing the pain I have.  N Dodd, Bibra Lake (Nov 14)

I was very happy with my treatment and will be going again when I return from my holidays.  I do recommend others to go I think its one of the best treatments for many things and pains, and aches.  I Veness, Munster (Nov 14)

The treatment I received helped me, made things easier, because the pain had gone.  The treatment seems to be the only treatment that really helps.  Everyone should try it, its worth the effort.  Gail does an excellent job.  I’ve had treatments from other therapists but none have been as good.  L Windon (Nov 14)

Gail, thanks for your treatment over the last few weeks.  The therapy has been positively beneficial and a special thank you for your care with my aged mother.  We both experienced a wonderful feeling of well being after your treatments.  As you know you were recommended by a friend and we both have also recommended you to others.  M Edwards, Redcliffe (Nov 14)

Comforting to know friendly, effective help is nearby. B Davies, Melville (April ’14)

I found Gail very attentive, she made I was comfortable and relaxed.  Gail is very open and friendly which helped me to feel comfortable with her.  The Bowen Therapy was much like what I was used to and I left feeling good and over the next few days the issues decreased.  S Watson, Willagee (March ’14)

Definitely, honest, clinical, sensative, practical, greatly appreciated. I felt safe at all stages.  L Smith, Bicton (Feb 14)

After experiencing Bowen prior, Gail provided excellent results.  I had no idea that a full hour of Bowen was possible as prior I had only experienced 10-20 mins.  Highly recommend Gail’s services, I have to quite a few people.  A Harris, Brentwood (19 Feb 14)

I found Gail to be very professional and the Bowen treatments very beneficial.  I will be having more treatments in the future.  S Hall, South Lake (5 Feb 14)

Good friendly service. P Mahon  (4 Feb 2014)

This was my first Bowen treatment, I had no idea what to expect prior to the appointment.  I was very satisfied with my treatment.  L Baldwin, Hamilton Hill (22 Jan ’14)

I had three treatments, spaced one week apart, on my back, left arm and neck.  The pain relief was unbelievable.  I suffer with arthritis, have had it for many years and am allergic to anti-inflammatorys so Bowen is the way to go for me.  V Motroni, Willagee (Jan 14)

Thanks Gail, I was not sure what I was expecting as this was my first Bowen Therapy appointment.  Heard lots of feedback from others re Bowen, it surpassed my expectations felt great after the first session, would recommend to anyone who had any sort of aches.  – L Yates, Beeliar (Nov 13)

The Bowen treatment resulted in the total reduction of the abdominal swelling which occurred subsequent to an operation some months earlier. I have no hesitation in recommending the Bowen Therapy treatment provided by Gail Marlow. P Rothery, Floreat (March 13)

I have had treatments for spinal/lower back/hip and leg pain for over twenty five years.  Treatments have varied from “Wham Bam – Thank You Maam”” to more considerate and professional help.  Recently I was referred to Gail Marlow as I had a pressing need for treatment.  I was very impressed with her professional approach but more so with the thorough and wide scope of treatment.  I recommend Gail to all.
– K Keogh, Yangebup (01 March 13)

Gail has been professional, helpful and Bowen Therapy for me has been amazingly successful.  The exercises Gail has given me and her explanation on how to do them has been a great help to me.  I had pain for months and I am alot more comfortable now.
– S Squire, Melville (28 Feb 13);

Excellent treatment and service
– B & K Lockerbie, Willagee (11 Feb 13);

The treatment complimented the work done by my Podiatrist. Gail was able to identify the difference in my leg length and displacement of my hips and rectify these problems. The consulting room is comfortable.
– N Henderson, Palmyra (Feb 13);

Very helpful, friendly and relaxing treatment in very pleasant, comfortable surroundings.
– A Williams, Willagee (6 Feb 13);

I found the treatment to be very helpful and relaxing. This was the first time I was pain free in a very long time. I hope with further treatments this will continue.
– J McNeil, Palmyra WA (Nov 12);

Gail is fantastic – Being a member of her Yoga class (although not able to attend at the moment) and knowing how carefully she monitors what you do, I was very confident to seek her assistance after sustaining a injury post a bike accident. In fact my GP recommended her. Thanks Gail – will be back.
– J Mabbs, Bateman WA (Sept 12)

Gail was sensitive and skilled therapists her gentle movements were very relaxing and the overall experience was highly pleasant. I would surely recommend her for those who are looking for myofascial release and overall relaxation.
– R Miranda, Winthrop WA (May 12)

Bowen Therapy has some immediate and significant benefits to a sense of well being.
– M Madan, Shelley WA (May 12)

I’m so happy to have found a treatment tyo manage my pain in my leg. When the doctor advised taking pain killers I thought that was my only option. Luckily I came across tan article about Bowen Therapy in the Body & Soul (Sunday Times Liftout). Thank you Gail, I can’t recommend you enough to all my family and friends.
– S Erakovic, Spearwood WA (Apr 12)

Gail was very thorough in the questions she asked prior to commencing the treatment, and totally professional in her approach and in completing the treatment. I found it a very relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial experience and have already recommended Gail/BT to several friends.
– A Tregonning, North Fremantle WA (April 12)

I was very interested in how a Bowen treatment works. Felt some relief but need to give time to the vitamins prescribed. The friendly approach and interest given to my circumstance was much appreciated. Will definitely try to commit more to the advice to improve my health.
– N Peters, Spearwood WA (April 12)

Gail is a dedicated, diligent Bowen practitioner. She gives her all and is totally present. It iwas a pleasure to be in her hands.
– M Doherty, Doubleview WA (Mar 12)

My treatment was carried out in very comfortable and relaxing environment.
– B Jones, Stirling WA (Mar 12)

I am very happy with the work Gail has done.
– B Allen, Kardinya WA

I found the treatment very effective and I intend to visit again or follow up next time I am in WA.
– M Bennett, Islington NSW

I was very impressed with the treatment.  Much better than a chiropractor. Thank you.
– K Brbich, Hamilton Hill WA

One treatment which was beneficial.  Excellent explanation and assessment of my problem pre-treatment.  Advice given re vitamins and specific exercises to help my problem eg painful hip.
– C Burgess, Willagee WA

Bowen has helped me to become more aware of my body and its movements and has certainly eased some long term strains.  This probably sounds strange but after each session I feel more inclined to be kinder to my body, rather than treating it like a sponge that will absorb all my bad habits.  As a result I feel noticeably calmer.
– J Canavante, Fremantle WA

I have found Bowen to be a fantastic remedy for my stiff shoulders and neck.  It’s a very effective treatment for headaches and since I have begun treatment my headaches are becoming much less frequent.
– L Cheong, Coolbellup WA

An integral approach to better health management by a very caring, professional practitioner.
– G Cornish, Bicton WA

I certainly find having a Bowen treatment once a month keeps my aches and pains at bay and would have no hesitation in recommending Gail as an excellent Bowen practitioner.
– A deRidder, Kardinya WA

Gail provides a relaxing environment and makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door.  After each visit I feel rejuvenated and often walk away with some useful advice to help ease my aches and pains.
– N deRidder, Coolbellup WA

I had 3 different treatments for a back injury all of which were expensive and gave no relief.  However, when I heard about Gail I was carried into her rooms and after treatment I walked out with near enough to no pain…..  Brilliant.
– L Fienberg, Bicton WA

If ever there was an true angel in this practice, forget Nighting and remember Gail – this lovely lady has a way of making you relax and fixing the problem you may have.  I have no hesitation in recommending Gal for sharing the experience of the Bowen treatment.
– A Haynes, Huntingdale WA

I felt privileged to have experienced Gail’s Bowen therapy first hand and highly recommend her services to others.
– S Jolley, Hamilton Hill WA

I really felt comfortable and it was a really calming effect.  All was explained in detail.  Thank you.
– J Loschiavo, Kardinya WA

I had Bowen treatment 10 years ago but it didn’t seem to do much good.  Gail was recommended to me by a friend.  I had a lot of left shoulder pain which was keeping me awake at night.  Other treatments hadn’t helped.  One treatment with Gail and the pain was gone I was amazed.  I had had this pain for more than 6 months and thought I would just have to “live with it”.  Gail is a miracle worker.
– L Marshall, Hamilton Hill WA

I attended the first session not knowing what to expect and a bit skeptical.  At the end of the session I felt pretty relaxed and was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatments worked.  I would seek further treatments without hesitation.
– J Mathanda, Hamilton Hill WA

I have had Bowen Therapy in the past and have found it beneficial, therefore I decided to have treatment again when I had some serious pain in my hips and legs.  I feel it has quite a calming effect on the body and the pain was less severe.  I fully intend to use it in the future for my general well being and control of aches and pain.
– P Matijasevich, Applecross WA

I found it a good blend of therapy with gentle, yet firm pressure to suite my body.  Would highly recommend.
– A McCulloch, Hilton WA

Very relaxing and therapeutic.  Extremely beneficial and the treatment certainly gave me a boost and eased my pain.
– J Lee-McCulloch, Hilton WA

The treatment had a profound effect on my body.
– D Miller, South Fremantle WA

Thank you Gail for helping me get movement back into my neck and shoulders.  I have been sleeping better at night.  Thank you once again.
– P Parmenter, Spearwood WA

On the times I have been to see Gail  I find that she is very pleasant and her explanation of what she is doing is very good and informative.
– T Pensabene, Hamilton Hill WA

I have been having pain in my left shoulder for many years.  After the treatment the pain seemed to subside.  All in all it was a very relaxing experience.
– R Petersen, Kardinya WA

I’ve only been to see Gail once.  I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders.  That visit with her was magical.  She got to the root of the problem and her magical fingers began to work on the inflamed areas and I have been good ever since.  I would gladly recommend her.
– M Quayle, Mosman Park WA

I find that Bowen Therapy given by Gail is very beneficial to my whole health.  The address is very close to get to, the treatment room serene and beautifully decorated, the price is very good and Gail is a very lovely, relaxing lady with a great sense of humour and makes us clients welcomed and we feel relaxed and very comfortable.
– V Smith, Samson WA

Because of my chronic pain and chronic occupational overuse syndrome I have had tremendous release of tension and pain from Bowen Therapy.  I found Bowen better than other modalities as it works on a deeper level. I have no hesitation in recommending Bowen wherever I am able to because I know the benefits of treatments.
– D Storey, Willagee WA

1st class service, at all times.
– S Turner, Bicton WA